Material recovery and recycling

Every year  the value of millions of tons of materials is lost due to the unrecognized opportunity to recover some or all of these products.  We approach these challenges with creative ideas and strategies with an understanding of the business needs of the buyers and sellers.   We also provide know-how to upgrade quality, differentiate composition and to extract high value components. Global resources are increasingly limited and markets are in constant need of refined materials.

gaseous contaminant removal and recovery

Clean air continues to be a challenge for many industries and their long term sustainability.  EcoSustainable Solutions focuses in the area of removal and recovery of specific gaseous and particulate components converting problematic gas streams into opportunities for the recovery of value components enabling investment in clean air technology.  

our approach

EcoSustainable Solutions LLC provides answers to challenging problems that deliver win-win value to industry, regulators and conservationists. Through the prudent balancing of ecology and economics, stakeholder needs are managed so that sustainable actions can be implemented either through changes in operations, processes or technology.   Our experts provide experienced leadership and support to your project team with unparalleled know-how and commitment to sustainable high quality water, materials reuse, land repurposing and clean air.

wastewater Treatment and high quality water recovery and reuse

Water has an inherent value to the environment and the economy. As pollutants are removed the value of the water resource increases substantially.   We solve problems with complexly contaminated waters (leachates, graywaters and process waters) as well as waters containing micro pollutants (PPCPs, EDCs, CECs, etc.)  to achieve high quality requirements for beneficial reuse or compliant discharge.



Brownfield repurposing and land revitalization

Reclaiming brownfields transforms non-performing assets or liabilities into viable investments for communities and stakeholders. By working with the interested parties, these sites are properly assessed, safely cleaned up and sustainably reused.  Each project provides a win-win environment to revitalize communities and local economies with employment and growth opportunities.